From inspiration to reality… the stairwell

Given that our home is not very wide (16’7″ including the exterior walls), one of the key design decisions that our architects helped us to make was where to place the stairwell. Ultimately, we decided to use the stairwell as a space divider;it is u-shaped and runs perpendicular to the facade of our home. (I really need to add a photo of the floor plan here.) On the ground floor, it separates our small living room from the dining room / kitchen. However, given that we always wanted these spaces to be rather open, we started by thinking we would use this type of divider:

As we continued in making our home a reality, we found that these sorts of slats felt a bit… boring. So we were drawn to this: laser cut screens are gorgeous, but pricey. This is what we want, but without the expense of the metal work and welding…

So we settled on something like this, but in a more subdued colour:

The strings will actually be steel cord that will be strung through grommets on the top and the bottom, and it will be silver (not bright blue). We have dubbed it “the funky wall,” and it will be between the living space and stairwell and between the dining space and stairwell, and then echoed in the handrails that run in the center of the light well.

Will it work as we have envisioned? We will find out in the next few days… stay tuned.

Photos of the day – 25 December 2017

Here is the (almost) finished project, and what we will move into. The stairs are still a bit more rustic than they will be, the balconies and rear facade need to be finished, but this is as done as it will be before we arrive with all of our stuff!

Dining and living room

Dining room, kitchen, and Jonathan

View up to the skylight

Master bedroom

Master closets

Third floor hall

Third floor bath

Tub and shower

Boys’ room

Close up of the stairs… to be finished in the new year!

No more photos of the day…

Our contractor (the cad) is not posting any more photos of the day.  He is going for an HGTV impact where we all cry when we see the unveiling of what things look like.

The good news is that the stairs were begun today.  The bad news is that I won’t see them until Saturday…

À suivre…

Photo of the day – 19 December 2017

Our closet doors are going in…


These are the closets in our bedroom.  You can see the lights inside the closet (special closet lights to ensure that if some fabric falls on them, they won’t go up in flames right away!) and the square-ish knobs that we chose that will be similar to the door pulls for our pocket doors…

Photo of the day – 18 December 2017

The electrician came today to do the finish work (put in the plugs, install the lighting fixtures) and he installed my towel warmer.


I feel fairly confident that within my first few nights there, I will take a nice long bath followed by a warm towel…

These past few days have been filled with the anxiety of pre-move… a list of things that need to be done in our future home, those that need to be packed away in our current home, and some follow up about things that weren’t done in the process of construction.  I am trying to take it all as easy as possible, trust in the professionals who are helping me, and focus on getting into our new place… We move on December 27th!

Photo of the day – 17 December 2017

While we are anxiously looking forward to our new home, we are clearing out of our old one.

We rented a 50 box package from Polar Box; it costs about as much as cardboard, but we rent them, they get reused, and they have handles and stack well, so will theoretically be good for the movers.

But geez, when these are full they are heavy!

Photo of the day – 15 September 2017

The steel part of the stairs will be put in on Monday, so in the meanwhile, the planks for the steps are being sanded and stained.

There is still a lot to be done for us to move in (12 days!), but our contractor assures us that the big stuff will all be ready. As long as the stairs go in and the finish work on the plumbing and electrical are done, I think we will be just fine.

Photo of the day – 12 December 2017

The devil is in the details! Especially in every small nook of our home where mouldings are being installed.

Every bit of moulding gets its own custom cut; even that tiny bit tucked in there to the left of the photo. And given that we wanted to make the best use of every square foot, we have quite a few nooks!

Photo of the day – 11 December 2017

No sooner did we install the floors than we covered them up!

To keep them nice while the final touches are happening, all of our floors have been covered. In fact, we are going to keep them covered through our move since I don’t want some errant rocks or salt crystals in the moving guys’ boots to nick up my lovely new floors! Plus, I am happy to do anything that will keep our final bill more reasonable… my bank account is groaning from our massive spending!