Photo of the day – 13 November 2017

One of the compromises that we made in this phase of our renovations was to not finish the basement.  Ultimately, we hope that this will be comfortable and usable space, but for the time being, we wanted our dollars to go toward our most-used areas of the home.

That being said, we did decide to insulate the front and back walls of the basement.  One of the incentives to do so now is a small subsidy from Renoclimat, a program that encourages Quebec homeowners to make energy efficient changes to their homes.  The subsidy only will cover a small portion of the cost, but given that they focus their subsidies on the most impactful changes for your home, we thought insulating these walls would be worth it, particularly considering that the basement will be open to the ground floor.

20171113 basement walls
Insulating and starting to finish our un-finished basement

And in other joyous news, our windows have arrived!  We used a Quebec company for our windows, Elite Windows, and they will be aluminum and PVC hybrid, which we found gave us the best quality-price compromise.  We ordered them from the company and will have them installed by another partner that our contractor has worked with.  Installation should be happening over the next couple of days, so get ready for me to wax poetic about their beauty!   Here is a sneak peek:

20171113 windows
A few windows and doors; pre-installation

Photo of the day – 8 November 2017

Well, perhaps I should start calling them photo of the week now.  There has been lots happening, but given that a lot of it is spackling, it’s not much to look at.  However, we did have a new roof installed last week, with our lovely skylight planned for!


20171108 roof
Goodbye gravel, hello insulation!

The big coffeetable holding lunches, buckets, etc. is our skylight.  And to the right, it seems that our heat pump is all ready to go as well.

20171108 roof 2 black
An additional layer before the white top

Most of the work that has been happening is the finish work over the drywall.  Our contractor hired the same team to do the spackle and the paint work, so hopefully it will go from rough to smooth in one swoop!

20171108 spackled RDC
I know that it is dirty work, but it seems demeaning to call it “mudding”…

Above you see what will be the kitchen and dining room, nearly ready for paint!  And since they need warm conditions for this stuff to dry, and our windows will be delivered and installed the week of 13 November, we are currently paying to heat most of our block.  Thank goodness it is temporary…


Photo of the day – 2 November 2017

My big 6 foot bathtub was insulated and framed in today, along with a little niche to hold shampoos, etc.

20171102 bain
Nearly ready for a nice, long soak…

Did I mention that Mr. Frugaluxurious is the best?  He went all the way to Shawinigan (2 hours outside of Montréal) to get this tub for me!  It retails for about $1000, and I found it for a mere $100 on Kijiji.  Of course, it also cost his time, a minivan rental, and some gas money, but that surely came in at less than $900.  And I do love a bargain!

20171102 back basement wall
Back basement wall

We did choose to spend, however, on insulation for our exterior basement walls (above).  There is a subsidy available for insulating these walls via RénoClimat, and while that will just pay a small portion of the cost of insulating and putting drywall up, we figured the energy savings and the warmth would make up for it.

Photo of the day – 1 November 2017

The windows and doors are arriving on November 14th, and we are getting ready for them.  I like that the door jambs have a bit of the rebel in them…

20171101 pret pour portes fênetres

Cement was also poured in the basement – they needed to jackhammer it out to insert the plumbing in the right places, and now we have a full floor again.

20171101 cement
Site of the basement bathroom

We even got a little love note from our amazing contractors, Gestion & Construction T, who will be forever remembered by our house (and us!).

20171101 inscription

Photo of the day – 31 October 2017

Even the back facade of our house is dressed up for Halloween!

Halloween costume, sponsored by Lefebvre et Benoit

Well, okay, it is actually dressed up to be further covered in the next week or so, and to keep the cold and humidity out… but it did happen today!

Happy Halloween!

Hommage to tidy construction workers

Last week, we made (hopefully) one of our last calls to our current landlord to replace our kitchen faucet, which had developped a crack. The handyperson managed to make two rooms of mess for the replacement of one faucet.  An impressive feat.

(Sidenote: it is quite difficult to use gender neutral pronouns when talking about this stuff… handyman, workman, everything seems to be gendered!  However, our main contractor is a woman!  More on that later…)

Our worksite, which is about 2000 square feet of gut reno, is nearly always tidy.  It is a worksite, mind you, so don’t go in if you don’t want to come out a little dusty.  But these folks take pride in their work, so you won’t find a big mess either.

20171024 neat workmen
Thanks for sweeping up, J!  

Apparently, it’s become a running joke at the worksite that no one wants to get photographed during the cleanup, so I just got a tiny glimpse of a worker a couple of weeks back.

20171013 Jonathan's flying feet
Can you spot him? 

I remember balking when I looked over quotes for construction work and realized the time and energy (and therefore money) it takes to keep a worksite clean.  Now, I am so grateful to have folks in my future home that take pride in their work and want to keep their space tidy.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Photo of the day – 27 October 2017

The studio space on the second floor is shaping up!

We will be doing some of the finish work in this space ourselves, so the “after” photos will take some time, but it is coming along!


Perhaps this will be where you stay during your next trip to Montréal?

Photo of the day – 26 October 2017

Drywall is going up on the second floor now!

Future office / guest room

For those of you who know Mr. Frugaluxurious, you know that we have a lot of books.  This wall will house a lot of them, as well as a place to plug in, and perhaps for a wall-mounted TV since we won’t have a TV in our regular living room.

We’ve made and adjusted a lot of outlet and lighting decisions lately, and I find myself crossing my fingers that we are making good (or at least not stupid) decisions.  Time will tell…