Photo of the day – 30 October 2017

Drywall is going up on the ground floor today – nearly all of the drywall is up!

This is our entry closet, filled with purchases from just this past weekend.  Our transportation budget has gone up over the past couple of months since we have been renting cars more often to pick up things here and there.  This weekend, we bought a toilet, some bathroom accessories, medicine cabinets, and 2000 lbs of tile!   And that 2000 lbs will just cover a little over 500 square feet… yowza.

Not pictured here, 2000 lbs of tile!  

Hommage to tidy construction workers

Last week, we made (hopefully) one of our last calls to our current landlord to replace our kitchen faucet, which had developped a crack. The handyperson managed to make two rooms of mess for the replacement of one faucet.  An impressive feat.

(Sidenote: it is quite difficult to use gender neutral pronouns when talking about this stuff… handyman, workman, everything seems to be gendered!  However, our main contractor is a woman!  More on that later…)

Our worksite, which is about 2000 square feet of gut reno, is nearly always tidy.  It is a worksite, mind you, so don’t go in if you don’t want to come out a little dusty.  But these folks take pride in their work, so you won’t find a big mess either.

20171024 neat workmen
Thanks for sweeping up, J!  

Apparently, it’s become a running joke at the worksite that no one wants to get photographed during the cleanup, so I just got a tiny glimpse of a worker a couple of weeks back.

20171013 Jonathan's flying feet
Can you spot him? 

I remember balking when I looked over quotes for construction work and realized the time and energy (and therefore money) it takes to keep a worksite clean.  Now, I am so grateful to have folks in my future home that take pride in their work and want to keep their space tidy.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Photo of the day – 27 October 2017

The studio space on the second floor is shaping up!

We will be doing some of the finish work in this space ourselves, so the “after” photos will take some time, but it is coming along!


Perhaps this will be where you stay during your next trip to Montréal?

Photo of the day – 26 October 2017

Drywall is going up on the second floor now!

Future office / guest room

For those of you who know Mr. Frugaluxurious, you know that we have a lot of books.  This wall will house a lot of them, as well as a place to plug in, and perhaps for a wall-mounted TV since we won’t have a TV in our regular living room.

We’ve made and adjusted a lot of outlet and lighting decisions lately, and I find myself crossing my fingers that we are making good (or at least not stupid) decisions.  Time will tell…

Photo of the day – 25 October 2016

Well, drywall is exciting because it means room divisions, but it makes for very white photos!

Lots of drywall up, lots to go! 

This is the view from the boys’ room into our room.  The first closet is a hallway closet, and the second will be our laundry closet.  You can see one of the fabulous guys working on our project, Mark, moving yet another sheet of drywall.

Photo of the day – 23 October 2017

When we had our future home evaluated by an inspector at the time of purchase, one of the very few positive things he said was about the roof.  “It has a few years left in it,” he assured us.  Given our massive investment, we had hoped it was the case.

Our gravel top roof in stark comparison to our neighbour’s new white roof.

Our contractors were up there today to put the hole you see to the right of the photo for our Thermopump.  The roofer was also evaluating some other potential improvements;
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How to change between USD and CAD inexpensively?

Since we moved to Canada twelve years ago, we have maintained a financial presence in both the U.S. and Canada.  Some things don’t follow you (we had zero credit history when we moved here, and had to start again by using a credit card that we had already pre-paid), while other things do (U.S. taxes follow you everywhere!).  And keeping things separate isn’t all that difficult, but moving money back and forth can be tricky.

Enter our home project, at which point we put all of our chips on the table (Goodbye, Roth IRAs!  Goodbye, US Savings!) to make our long-term home.  And to do so, we needed to convert some money from USD to CAD.

Our first step Continue reading “How to change between USD and CAD inexpensively?”

Photo of the day – 20 October 2017

I know that pipe sticking up might not look like the most lovely thing right now, but it is the central point of our future kitchen-dining space!

That is where our working kitchen island will be, with sink and dishwasher.  In fact, I have been making sketches of our kitchen this week that I will share soon…