Photo of the day – 5 December 2017

So, I mentioned the skylight. It is positioned directly above a light well in the staircase, so our hope is that it will welcome natural light in… all the way to the basement. I am sure it will look better once the scaffolding is down and the stairs are in, but for now, here is a view of the sky from inside!

Photo of the day – 4 December 2017

The white roof was finished a couple weeks back. The roof was something we knew we had to do eventually, but given that it wasn’t in great shape and we would have needed to patch for the HVAC and skylight, we went for it right away. Not a beautiful investment, but an important one. The decorative bits will get a heavy coat of paint… eventually!

Speaking of the skylight, these photos were taken from inside the skylight. Photos tomorrow!

Photo of the day – 1 December 2017

We sent our front railings to a shop to be sandblasted and powder coated, which should (hopefully) mean that they stay lovely longer. The edges and undersides of the balconies will be covered in white aluminum in the next couple of weeks.

Photo of the day – 30 November 2017

The tiling is nearly finished, with a few details like the inside of the niche and the backsplashes to finish at the end.

Our contractor wasn’t sure about the pewter grout, noting that white would look more “clean,” but I like the way the gray grout makes the tiles pop. What do you think?

Photo of the Day – 29 November 2017

On this gray November day, I will share with you a ray of sunshine or two…

I am disproportionately excited about these yellow doors.

And because he is usually the one taking the shots, we don’t often see the man behind the curtain who is making magic happen in our future home…

Hi Felix!

Photo of the day – 28 November 2017

We managed to get the required cabinetry installed in order to measure for the countertops.

The measure for countertops is a key date for kitchen installation. Our countertop provider (who I will write all about if they provide a good quality product, because the pricing is excellent) needs three weeks between measure and installation. And because we have an undermount sink, our sink can only be installed after the counter.

Our contractor is also caring for those small details that newbies like us would ignore or forget. For example, our fridge is 30 inches wide, but we will need a little wiggle room to slide it into the gap, so he has put an additional panel between the tall cupboard and the above-fridge cupboard to give us that wiggle room.

Photo of the day – 24 November 2017

There were lots (258 to be exact) of boxes delivered today, containing all of the bits of our IKEA kitchen. Our job on Saturday is to sort, make sure we have everything, and start assembly of those things that will be taking quartz countertops.

Thanks to friends who are seasoned IKEA kitchen builders, we took a few important steps;

1) Bring sharpies to clearly note what parts go for which cabinets

2) Bring 2 copies of the product list that IKEA gave you at the time of order. The product list you get on delivery is by item number, but the product list from your order is listed by cabinet.

3) Use the cabinet numbers to mark each box with which cabinet number it belongs to. When you write the number on the box, check the item off of your list.

4j Place the items approximately where the cabinets will go.

More photos to come of the grand sorting!