Photos of the day – 25 December 2017

Here is the (almost) finished project, and what we will move into. The stairs are still a bit more rustic than they will be, the balconies and rear facade need to be finished, but this is as done as it will be before we arrive with all of our stuff!

Dining and living room

Dining room, kitchen, and Jonathan

View up to the skylight

Master bedroom

Master closets

Third floor hall

Third floor bath

Tub and shower

Boys’ room

Close up of the stairs… to be finished in the new year!

Photo of the day – 17 December 2017

While we are anxiously looking forward to our new home, we are clearing out of our old one.

We rented a 50 box package from Polar Box; it costs about as much as cardboard, but we rent them, they get reused, and they have handles and stack well, so will theoretically be good for the movers.

But geez, when these are full they are heavy!

Photo of the day – 12 December 2017

The devil is in the details! Especially in every small nook of our home where mouldings are being installed.

Every bit of moulding gets its own custom cut; even that tiny bit tucked in there to the left of the photo. And given that we wanted to make the best use of every square foot, we have quite a few nooks!

Photo of the Day – 29 November 2017

On this gray November day, I will share with you a ray of sunshine or two…

I am disproportionately excited about these yellow doors.

And because he is usually the one taking the shots, we don’t often see the man behind the curtain who is making magic happen in our future home…

Hi Felix!

Photo of the day – 28 November 2017

We managed to get the required cabinetry installed in order to measure for the countertops.

The measure for countertops is a key date for kitchen installation. Our countertop provider (who I will write all about if they provide a good quality product, because the pricing is excellent) needs three weeks between measure and installation. And because we have an undermount sink, our sink can only be installed after the counter.

Our contractor is also caring for those small details that newbies like us would ignore or forget. For example, our fridge is 30 inches wide, but we will need a little wiggle room to slide it into the gap, so he has put an additional panel between the tall cupboard and the above-fridge cupboard to give us that wiggle room.

Photo of the day – 19 October 2017

Today’s photo shows where the magic happens!


Because let’s face it; electricity is totally magical.  Here we see the wires running in for our heat pump, which will be a primary heat source in the winter (until it gets really, truly cold!) and provide cooling in the summer.  The wall units (2 on the second floor, 2 on the third floor) are strategically placed across from the doors in their respective rooms so that the air can flow when the doors are open.

The white, rigid, plastic pipes are where the condensation from the cooling units will run through the walls.  These need to run directly downward to avoid stagnant water.

Very soon, the behind the scenes work will be finishing and I will just be showing you pictures of drywall!



Photo of the day – 6 October 2017

I will finish off the week with the interior of the roof on my addition!  The fancy joists are super strong, but designed so that wiring and plumbing can be weaved right through them.  That will be particularly helpful on our ground floor, since we stole some headroom to make the basement a more comfortable height.



When I asked how they covered the roof the night before they built it, the foreman told me that they didn’t!  He basically told me that if someone wants to enter a worksite, they are going to make it happen.  At this point in the process, I was more concerned for their tools than our future home!