Blogs I love

Here is some suggested reading, in no particular order:

Mr. Money Moustache: Great reading for anyone interested in building wealth and living frugally.  Excellent use of swear words as punctuation.  I aspire to attend one of his house parties someday…

Frugalwoods: Goodness I love reading what this couple is up to on their rural homestead.  Their trajectory is similar to ours (they moved from Cambridge, MA to rural VT while we went from Somerville, MA to the not-so-wilds of Canada), and the writer just seems like a lovely person.

Oh She Glows: For the record, I don’t eat vegan for any reason other than it tastes good.  And Ms. Liddon’s stuff tastes good. Plus, she’s Canadian (which I dig)!  And her food photos are drool worthy.

Making Sense of Cents: Her income statements from her blog are almost unbelievable.

Million Dollar Journey: Canadian perspective on saving, spending, and investing.