Photo of the day – 9 December 2017

And on Saturday, the installers continued to the second and third floors to install the laminate flooring.

For now, it’s awfully dusty, but we will tend to that later…

Honestly, the look is a bit more rustic than I had imagined, but it fits relatively well with the wood on the ground floor (which will be the same we will use on the stair risers). The advice we got from our contractor, which makes a lot of sense, was to find something that looks good side by side, because they will be right next to each other where the floor meets the stairs, without trying to be too matchy-matchy about it, because there won’t be an exact match.

Here is a photo of the wood on top of the laminate, for comparison;

Why use laminate at all? It was one of our frugal compromises. First, we were impressed by the quality these days; it ain’t yo’ mama’s laminate! Second, it is about a third of the price ($6 per square foot for quality economical hardwood (although you could easily spend much more) vs $2 per square foot of quality laminate). Thirdly, it is super durable and low maintenance. And finally, it is on the upper levels, so less visible.

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