Photo of the day – 23 November 2017

Tile is being laid in the kitchen today!

20171123 tile
Checking out the herringbone layout at 7am

We discussed the tile with the installers yesterday because the proportions of this tile aren’t exactly 4:1, which means that the way that it carries across the floor won’t be exactly straight – the herringbone pattern will drift a bit (I will post photos after installation to give a better idea).  Given that we don’t have a huge surface to cover, we told him to continue as planned.

Under the tile, there are several layers above the subfloor.  After the subfloor, there is an orange layer of plastic that has little suction cups on it that the wires for the heated floor are woven.  Then a thin layer of concrete, then the white cover, then the tile (a maple tile with pewter grout).  The wires you see stringing up the wall will go to the thermostat for the heated floors.

20171123 tile part 2
Finishing up the kitchen at 2pm!

Given that the tiles aren’t perfectly flat, they are using those little nuggets between to control for small lumps and bumps.  This will ensure that there aren’t any bits that stick up… if there is a little wave in one tile, it will be met flush with the next.

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