Idea(l) – Kitchen

I struggled as much with the title of this as the text… my dream kitchen?  Honestly, I don’t dream of the room as much as of the things that might happen there.  Ideal kitchen?  Well, ideal for me perhaps, but honestly, so much of the genius of spaces comes in the tiny touches, and for right now, I just want to get the big stuff right.  Appliance placement, cabinet choices, etc.  So these are just ideas, moving toward and ideal kitchen.

I want the space to feel clean and straightforward.  Our kitchen is going to be a workhorse – we like to cook regularly, as well as to do great big kitchen products like canning liters upon liters of pickles, jams and sauces – but it should look rather simple.  I want all of the space to feel well used – cabinets to the ceiling – and able to be used – counters at various heights for various people.  Our tools will have places to be stored, the space will be easy to understand.  There will be lots of spaces to work or pull up a chair and chat.

All photos are of our current kitchen, which has also been a workhorse, but could be improved.

Our kitchen and dining spaces are together, but I would like for them to fell like distinct spaces.  Once we sit down for a meal, it should feel calmer than the business of the kitchen.

On the pantry wall, I would like for there to be a bar zone so Jonathan can have space for his liqueurs (it would be pretty across from the dining table).

Current bar… to be integrated into our pantry wall

Also, there should be a small desk zone (just big enough for one person to sit, mail to get dropped, etc. There should also be space for all of our big french canning jars that hold our staples.


Current pantry, as well as laundry room, and with the dishwasher too! 

And place for our cookbooks!

All that inspiration on just three shelves!

In the main kitchen area, I think I would like for there to be an appliance garage for our standing mixer, slow cooker, instant pot, toaster, Vitamix, breatd machine, and food processor.

Current appliance garage is on top of the fridge…
… and there is some overflow!

It would also be great if the microwave could be tucked away in a cupboard.

It’s currently under our butcher’s block, which I hope will stay tucked against the window next to the pantry wall. 

I generally like our architect’s general design (although I think the fridge and sink are a little too directly across from one another), but we will see what the designer comes back with that might make it even better.  To be continued…


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