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As we have gone through this transformation experience, I have had lots of people ask if we were getting design help.  Well, much as this is quite the luxurious process of remaking a house as we want it to be, I am basically a frugal person.  So for a period of years, I imagine, we will be improving upon the individual rooms to make them more lovely, homey, and inviting.  And it will never, ever, look as lovely as rooms assembled by those friends that really take lots of time and care for the details.

The one place where we are looking for some design help is our kitchen.  Cue Inspired Kitchen Design (aka IKD), a Florida based company that helps design your IKEA kitchen.

Have you spent any time in IKEA trying to put together your ideal closet or entertainment centre?  I love the Swedish-retailer more than your average bear, and have gone for meatballs and some candles on many occasions (we gained much understanding of the huge candle selection during our time in Stockholm).  I dig that stuff, but putting a whole kitchen together with all of the bits and bobs makes me want to touch terracotta (my own personal nails on chalkboard kind of thing).

So IKD tells us they will spruce up our existing kitchen design, and then spit it out in a IKEA friendly shopping list that we can just hand over to them!  Sounds simple, and I hope it is.  I am about to bite the bullet and pay the $245 US – I will let you know how it works.

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