Frugal to the point of obsession?

As a frugal person, I tend to sweat the small stuff.  I have been known to nag encourage my husband to go back to the store to get the sale price on an item that wasn’t given.  In fact, I have many real-life “I want my $2!” moments… 

I want my two dollars.png
Me at the local drug store when they don’t give me the sale price!

Because, let’s face it, those $2 add up!  In fact, I make sure to give every dollar a job, so I pay attention to every one of them!

But I do tend to go over the edge on occassion.  On Friday at 5:15pm, I got an email from one of the subsidy programs that we have applied to for our money-pit future home, and learned that we might not be eligible.  I managed to put it out of my mind when we had friends over for supper that evening, but as soon as they left, I wanted to hash out every possible scenario with Mr. Frugaluxurious to optimize the situation.

Yeah, just what I want to be doing on a Friday night.

Flash forward to Monday morning, and a couple of calls have nearly resolved the situation, which will be fully resolved by day’s end.  Thank goodness.

Now, would the situation have been resolved Monday without my obsessing over the weekend?  Or did that problem-solving that I worked on actually help me make the best of the situation?

Truly, I don’t know.  But I try to remind myself daily to “not sweat the small stuff… and it is all small stuff”

It's all small stuff.jpeg
I should probably read this book to see if there is insight beyond the title!

What about you – how do you stay balanced with regards to your frugality?

2 Replies to “Frugal to the point of obsession?”

  1. I like to stay focused on fruit that is either huge or low-hanging. It’s worth a circus act in the canopy for really big fruit. And those low-hanging tasties can add up. Anything not in either of those categories can’t be worth my time. I’d spend that time on my lovely wife.

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