Looking down the long path to renovations (Before photos)

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  -Laozi

Well, we have finally taken over our entire future home.  Here are some visuals of what the third floor looks like now.

Look into the light!  Not the crusty stairwell…


Welcome to the third floor.  The kitchen comes complete with the Soviet industrial-strength plastic bag!

The dining nook comes complete with questionable wires strewn here and there.
Out to the back balcony, if you can open the door with the layers of paint overtop of the hardware…
The kitchen has a lovely old cast iron sink, but you need to choose hot or cold water – not both!
The bathroom might well have been built arond the lovely old claw foot tub, but I hope your knees don’t want to rest comfortably whilst on the pot!
The third floor gets lovely light, does it not?
View back towards the kitchen
Any chance we will manage to keep the plaster around the light fixture?  Probably not, but a girl can dream…


See the shiny bit in the middle?  That’s packing tape holding the wall together.

Oh, it will feel so good to sink a crowbar into all of this plaster and lathe and, eventually, make it into a totally new space.

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