Building permit – the city cashed my cheque…

Now what?

Part of our renovation plan has been to apply for as many subsidies as we can get for our renovations.  One of those that we’ve applied for is the City of Montreal’s Major Renovation Program.

Electric box
Does your electric box look like this? Then you, too, need some major renos!

I will get into the details of the program in a later post, but to be brief, we will receive about $15k toward our renovations, and I am certainly willing to do some work for $15k!

However, this has also meant that we have needed to deal with a delay in submitting our permit to our local arrondissement (neighbourhood) permitting office.  So I have been anxious… really anxious.

Annoying telemarketer
I look kinda like this when I call everyone I know in the City office 5x per day…

You see, our lovely arrondissement has been known to take up to a year to grant building permits, while others (like our future neighbours) take only a few weeks.  So when I logged onto YNAB this morning and found that my building permit cheque was deposited into their coffers, I practically jumped for joy!

Jump for joy
It’s not every day I do this just because I have spent $2,783.91 for a piece of paper!

Keep your fingers crossed with me that my lovely building permit is a few steps closer to my hands…

What about you – how long did it take you to get a building permit?  Was the process straightforward or awful?

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