All the tiny decisions – Sinks

I heard a joke once… the husband says that he makes all of the big decisions, and the wife chimes in that she makes all of the small ones.  When the husband is asked what the last big decision was, the wife responds, “to get married!”

Now, this isn’t how it is in my relationship… in fact, I have been known to joke that my husband can be more feminist than I am (and I certainly consider myself a feminist).  However, there are a gajillion (yes, I mean gajillion) tiny small decisions to make in a major renovation project.

One of the ones that I made early on was a decision regarding my sink.  While looking through a renovation magazine, I came across the amazing Mr. Sinks and Faucets.  And from there, I found this beauty:

Mr Sink
So shiny!  And can hold a whole turkey (and then some)!  



And so, for a mere $97 USD (yes, I am in Canada, but even so it is only about $130 CAD), I will get a high grade stainless steel sink (compared to the one at Lowes for about four times the price.

And it is therefore my hope and my dream, that with each of these little $300 savings that I will keep my project within its modest budget!

Any insights from you on great deals during your home renovations?

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